Why Consistent?

Why should we have a philosophy, and apply it consistently?

We need to have a vision. A goal. Something that we are trying to achieve. Something to which our decisions can be measured against. Something that all decisions must be consistent with. If a decision doesn’t help towards the goal, then it’s a bad decision. If an idea is in conflict with the philosophy, then it’s an idea that should not be pursued. Favouritism, hypocrisy and prejudice can be filtered out by the testing them against the philosophy. There is no place for arbitrary targeting of certain groups. Decisions and ideas can be made so that we are always progressing. Always moving towards the goal. Avoiding conflict.

What if we don’t have a philosophy or don’t apply it consistently?

In this case there is no direction. Nothing is achieved. One decision is in conflict with another. Ideas appear arbitrary, pointless. There is no basis to any idea. The system is open to corruption, favouritism, hypocrisy and unjust targeting of certain groups.

What happens when a political party lacks a clear vision, as is the case of the Gillard / Rudd labor party? You get bad policies. Policies that fail and are then reversed. Policies that are short sighted or are in conflict with other policies. Nothing is achieved. The party goes in circles, squanders resources, and fails to make progress.

Disclaimer: Abiding by a consistent philosophy can compromise your own selfish interests.

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